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Started to travel all around the world for business…

Long days with a lot of fun & a constantly visit at Starbucks!

Had the opportunity to visit a lot of countries where I had never been before! Kuwait was fun, strange and extremely Hot!

In April my Grandma turned 80 years old and me and my family went to her home country Portugal where we visited our relatives! Yes, I´m actually a quart Portuguese!

Beautiful Lisbon!

Unfortunately not everybody could come but we were quit many any way!

I travelled back to Singapore for the second time. One of my favorite country so far!

I didn’t just visit warm places..heres a beautiful morning picture in Denver, Colorado! Usa has been a major goal for me..Ive always wanted to visit America!

Island and beautiful Reykjavik, check!!

Ibiza! An Island I will visit more often..I got to know a wonderful woman working with so many projects! She´s one of the coolest persons I met..working straight from her heart!

Another country on the list that I’ve always wanted to visit was the Philippines! Met so many happy people!

After 9 years working for Make Up Store I decided to resign for new adventures! Since 2008 I’ve been running my own company as a freelancer. Now It was time to focus 100% on my own!

Celebrating Midsummer was wonderful surrounded by my favorite people! Sunglasses on by the way…

Swedish summer! Feeling free and happy… Here´s me and my Sister in the archipelago, west coast, Sweden!

Had an amazing trip to Sardinia, Italy with a bunch of friends! Clear water, fresh sea food and a lot of rest!

Rent a beautiful house up in the Italian mountains. This place was ours for 10 days!

The view was amazing and so was the Rosé!

A memorable weekend to Prague with my whole family when my mama turned 50! We had a lovely time with a lot of good food laughter and lots of bear!

 I´m so blessed to have my best friends and we are growing fast.. During the summer our new baby member was born! Welcome Arvid we have been waiting for you!

August 2013 Ive decided to eat more clean with one exception..the upcoming christmas food! Its amazing how healthy you can feel by just eating right!

Me and some girlfriends took the plane to Trollhättan because of…

..our friends, Cecilia & Johans wedding! I had the honor to do her hair and makeup! Now they are waiting their first child!

In November I started my first blog ever here at!

This is a picture of me and my girls last New years Eve 2011/2012!  We had no clue of what was coming…Tonight we will take a new picture and we I’m so exited of whats coming! Maybe HE will come in to my life…



This is what you need to get a wonderful party makeup for tomorrow!

Dip a synthetic brush in the mixing liquid for fixing the glitter! Otherwise it will not stay until 12 pm!

Tape is the best trick in the whole world if you need to remove glitter fast!

Twinkle, with stars or not It´s beautiful!

I morgon är det nyårsafton! Som jag längtar. Idag har Jag och syrran förberett hela dagen! Vi, alla mina närmaste, ska fira nyårsafton med hemma hos min syster och hennes karl. Kommer bli gör mysigt! Dukningen är fixad, dekoration klar, outfit fixad och maten är så gott som klar! 2014, jag är så redo för dig nu!

Hoppas nu att ni får en helt fantastisk kväll och att ni får en underbar fest makeup kvällen till ära! Här kommer mer inspiration!

/Tomorrow it’s finally New Years Eve! As I’ve been waiting! Today, me and my sister have prepared the whole day! We, all of my loved ones, are going to celebrate New Year’s Eve at home with my sister and her man. Will be cozy! The table setting is fixed, decoration done, out fit fixed and the food is as good as done! 2014, I’m so ready for you now!

I hope now that you will have an absolutely fantastic evening and that you’ll have a wonderful party makeup with great honor tomorrow!=) Here’s more inspiration in case you haven’t decided yet!

Produkter jag har använt / Products I’ve used

Ögon / Eyes
Mixing Liquid MAKE UP STORE
Micro shadow Pollution, Muffin, Cyber shadow Silver, Crow MAKE UP STORE
Eye shadow Silver from Gold & Silver Smoke palette ISADORA
Glitter Silver PANDURO

Bryn / Eye Brows

22 Light Brown ISADORA

Fransar / Eye lashes
Eye lashes I bought in London DIMPLES


Love that nougat color mixed with gold!

Sparkling and wonderful!

Or just natural!

Glitter, glitter, glitter! 

Nyår handlar om glitter i massa mängder! Ska testa en silvrig variant av läpparna ovan senare idag! Visst blev det snyggt? Så fint att bara ha en massa fransar och en enkel eyeliner till!

Glitter är så vackert och behöver inte vara så dyrt som man tror. Jag köper inte glitter i makeup butiker längre för priserna där är ca 4 gånger så dyra! Jag brukar gå in i en hobby butik, tex Panduro. Där köpte jag senast 4 st förpackningar med glitter som på bilden ovan för 40 Kr!

New Years eve is all about glitter in mass quantities! Gonna try a silver variant of the lips above later today!  The gold version was amazing though! So nice to just have a lot of lashes and a simple eyeliner!

Glitter is beautiful and not as expansive as you may think. I never buy Glitter in Makeup Stores because the price is 4 times more expansive! Just visit a ”hobby shop” where you buy paper and paint etc. I bought 4 of these on the picture for around 40 SEK


The Secret written by Rhonda Byne

Varje år träffas jag och mina bästa vänner för att fira ett år som passerat och ett nytt år som komma skall! En tradition som så klart många har men vi har någonting som vi gör varje år som är lite annorlunda.

Vi tar oss alltid tid tillsammans för att skriva ner saker/känslor som vi vill bli av med under kommande år. Detta gör alla inkl respektive partner. Efter en stund när alla reflekterat och är klara så skriver vi även upp saker som vi vill ska komma in i våra liv! Lapparna bränner vi sedan upp tillsammans i kakelugnen.

Tro det eller ej men detta är något som funkat för mig varje år! Det är läskigt att det fungerar men på något sätt sätter man ett mål/frö som ser till att man strävar efter detta! Så får man nog även lite hjälp på traven..

En god vän till mig ”delar även ut små budskap från ovan” förr förra året fick alla vänner lite längre budskap men jag fick bara ett ord: Utomlands! Jag förstod ingenting men min vän menade att mitt kommande år skulle innebära fokus på resande. Det året fick jag en utlandstjäst som innebar konstant resande runt om i hela världen! Detta är bara ett exempel på saker som faktiskt slagit in.

Om ni aldrig läst boken eller sett filmen ovan så gör det om ni är något intresserad av sånt här! Boken handlar om attraktionskraft och att vi faktiskt drar till oss saker som vi vill ha i våra liv. En uppgift i boken (som är frivillig) är att göra en tankekarta/bild karta på saker man vill ha! 

Vad vet jag! Det kanske funkar så jag provade.. Nu ser jag fram emot 2014;)


Each year, me and my best friends gathers to celebrate a year that has passed and a new year to come! A tradition that clearly many have but we have something that we do every year that’s a little bit different.

We always take the time together to write down things/feelings that we want to get rid of during the up coming year. After a moment when we all have reflected and is done writing, we also write down things that we want to come into our life’s! Then we burn the papers in the stove.

Believe it or not but this is something that worked for me every year! It’s scary that it works, but somehow it put a target/plant a seed in your head, which ensures that you are seeking this! I also believe that we all get some help…

A good friend of mine ”also distribute small message from above” Last year all friends got longer message but I only got one word: Abroad! I didn’t understand anything but my friend said that my next year I would focus on travel. That year I got a job that involved constant traveling around the world! This is just one example of the things that really struck home .

If you never read the book above, do it if you are interested in any of this stuff! If you´re not its totally fine! The book is about attraction and that we actually attract the things we want in our lives. One task in the book ( which is optional ) is to make a mind map / image map on the things you want!

What do I know ! It might work so I tried .. I now look forward to 2014 😉

My mind map. You attract everything that comes into your life!


I have been using Nail polish Anna, Nail polish Asun & Glitter Nova from MAKE UP STORE.

Hittade en gammal goding på min Instagram. Inte skrivit så mycket  om bilderna där så ska utveckla beskrivningen lite mer på bloggen!

Detta behöver du för att fixa ett par riktigt glammiga nyårs naglar:

Ett snyggt nagelack
Ett eller två lös glitter (i olika storlekar om möjligt)
Ett bra top lack

1. Se till att du har rena fräsha, ny filade naglar.

2. Måla ett tjockt lager med ditt favorit nagellack.


3. Innan det torkar strör du försiktigt över lösglitter med hjälp av en liten spatel (eller en vanlig sked) Låt lacket sedan stelna några sekunder. Om möjligt, försök att försiktigt pressa ner glittret lite försiktigt i lacket så att det verkligen sitter.

4. Avsluta sedan med ett bra top lack för att glittret inte ska åka av! Done!

/I Found an oldie on my Instagram, Glamorous Bling Nails, I haven’t written so much about the pictures there so heres a full description.

What you need to fix a couple of really glamorous New Years Nails:

A stylish nail polish
One or two loose glitters (in different sizes if possible)
A good top coat

1. Make sure you have clean, fresh & new filed nails.

2. Paint a thick layer of your favorite nail polish.

3. Before it dries, sprinkle gently over some glitter using a small spatula (or an ordinary spoon) Let the lacquer then solidified for a few seconds. If possible, try to gently press down the glitter gently in the lacquer so it really stay.

4. Then finish with a good top coat to fix everything! Done!

Produkter jag har använt på ögonen / Products I’ve used on the eyes

Ögon / Eyes
Micro shadow Flamenco, Muffin MAKE UP STORE

Eye shadow Pearl 144 INGLOT
Eye pencil Snowflake MAKE UP STORE

Läppar / Lips

Lipstick Exit MAKE UP STORE

Bryn / Eye Brows

Light Brown Pen with Brush ISADORA

Fransar / Eye lashes
Eye lashes Super full EYLURE

Makeup by Linas webbshop
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